Navigating the law firm

Law school teaches how to think analytically, how to determine if a case has been overruled, and how to determine if a transaction is taxable.  But law school doesn't teach how to juggle competing assignments from partners who hate each other, what to do when the work slows and nobody says if it's you or the firm, or how to deal with an insecure junior partner who's afraid that a smart, young associate poses a threat.

That's where SUM Consulting Solutions comes in.

Our President, Michael R. Gordon, has been the junior associate, the senior associate, the junior partner, and the senior partner.  He's been the Hiring Partner of a major law firm, run highly successful law firm summer associate programs, and been the departmental assignment partner. Mike knows the issues that associates face.  He knows what partners think. He has mentored hundreds of young lawyers. And he is keenly aware of the intangible things that often make the difference between success and failure. Let him help you get past the B.S. and grab that seat at the table you want and deserve.

Get me out of here!

OK.  You went to law school.  You got a great job right out of school. But what if it's not for you? What if another industry or career is calling to you? Whether you are the junior associate looking for a complete break or perhaps a senior associate deciding whether to accept an offer of partnership, we can help you apply the same rigorous analysis you'd apply to a client's problems to your own career.  And we can help you decide what other options are available to you as you scan the horizon.